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Using the EU Charter to Advance the Protection of Fundamental Rights in the EU - Module 3

Civil Liberties Union for Europe

About This Course

This e-learning course focuses on how to rely on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union for human rights litigation. It builds on Liberties' training programme and Handbook on “Relying on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights for Human Rights Litigation”.

The course aims at:

- raising awareness and capacity of civil society organisations and rights defenders on the value added of using the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union for human rights litigation and

- enhance and value the role of civil society organizations in promoting the Charter's application before national courts and the Court of Justice of the EU.

This e-learning course builds on Libertie’s training programme and Handbook on “Relying on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights for Human Rights Litigation”. It is also informed by other existing resources, including guidance and practical tools developed by the European Commission and the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. You can find useful information and helpful toolboxes on their websites, and a handful of resources are also made available throughout this training.  This course gives you the basic insight into the use of the Charter and EU law to litigate human rights in the EU, in general and in selected thematic areas. This training can not be considered as legal advice.

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There are no requirements for beginning this course. To be eligible to receive a diploma for completing the course, you are required to complete all the modules that make up the course.

For the best learning experience, we recommend a stable mobile or desktop connection to view the videos and complete the exercises.

Estimated time to complete this module: 1 hour

Modules in this course: 3 (Diplomas* will be granted after successfully completing all modules.)

Course Staff

Dr. Linda Ravo - Senior Advocacy Consultant, Liberties

Linda holds a PhD in EU law and justice and has more than ten years of working experience in the EU institutions and the NGO sector on the protection and promotion of human rights in Europe. From Brussels, Linda supports the work of Liberties as senior advocacy consultant through research, legal advice, advocacy and members support on Democracy and Justice issues. Pressing issues she's working on include abusive lawsuits against public watchdogs (called SLAPPs), the protection of civil society groups and rights defenders and the state of the rule of law in the EU.

Dr. Eva Simon - Senior Advocacy Officer, Liberties

Eva is a human rights lawyer with special focus on digital rights, currently working as a senior advocacy officer at Liberties. She is responsible for freedom of expression and privacy. Besides her EU-level advocacy work, Eva works on strategic litigation across EU member states, most recently on the enforcement of General Data Protection Regulation, which was reported by the New York Times, Reuters and Bloomberg. She has been active in the human rights field for more than ten years. Prior to joining the NGO scene, Eva worked as a media lawyer and a researcher. She was a research fellow at Central European University (2006), the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University, New York, USA (2005), and at the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary (2001-2005).

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This course is made possible by funding from the European Commission.

*Diplomas are granted by Liberties and are not certified by an academic institution or authority.


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