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How To Message On Human Rights

Civil Liberties Union for Europe

Course description

This course is a standalone crash course on how to communicate around human rights issues. It will introduce you to some basic rules you can apply to talk about human rights-related causes more persuasively with a public audience. We will flag common communications habits that are working against you, explain why, and outline what to do instead. You will also learn what goes into a persuasive message and what structure you should follow.

The course content is delivered through a series of short videos, with additional guidance and examples in text, as well as quizzes you can work through to check how much you’ve learnt. Each unit has a video of roughly 5 minutes in length, followed by a short quiz on the content of that unit, meaning each unit can be completed carefully in roughly 10-15 minutes, and the entire course in roughly one hour. You will receive a diploma certifying your training within one month of completing the course.

For more tips and guidance, like illustrative examples of how to use images and videos to convey your message, or if you just want to refer back to what you learnt in the course, check out the guide that accompanies this module, ‘How to message on human rights: A communications guide for organisations promoting human rights’.

For inquires related to knowledge hub courses, please contact us: knowledgehub at liberties dot eu

This course is made possible by funding from the Oak Foundation.


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